I'm so very sorry I'm behind on reading/commenting!

It's been a hell of a few days but hopefully after I get through all these appointments I can catch up!

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Well todays appointment went well! Sadly though the new meds she put me on are not covered by my insurance and the pain center will never answer the phone, so I had to pay out of pocket and only bought two weeks worth, I am sure I will have it fixed by then, even if I have to drive back over there! I have to have it fixed as we will be at the beach when I would run out and that would be horrid.

I really like my doctor though. She is so nice and understanding and told me that we would work hard on getting my pain better. She also ordered me a new MRI of my back.

I just wonder what she will put me on. Though she did say that I can always add the pain patch too.

I felt a lot better after just one pill. I worked a lot in the Ethan's room and then after we picked him up, Ethan and me worked in the garden.

We got bedding for the bunk beds today. The bottom is bat man and the top is just a blue/gray that matches. Ethan says he is going to sleep in the bottom bed tonight but I highly doubt he will stay in it long. Plus we don't have the black out curtains in his room so it's going to be light out way past his bed time :/. I will let him try though! It would be great if he did.

I def. have more patience now that I'm not hurting so bad, I can tell a huge difference already.


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I can tell my depression is lifting a bit, I'm more interested in the things I love. I did a little bit of gardening today but it hurt too bad to do much. I'm also ready to start watching Shameless again tonight. I was supposed to see my psych dr ASAP but hes out of town all week, so they got me in with a therapist on Thursday morning. She leads the group I go to, so she knows my situation / problems. I hope talking to her will help.

Speaking of gardening, as soon as I feel better I am getting some mulch. It will take at least two loads this time. 

Thursday afternoon I see the arthritis doctor, I am hoping he can help with a lot of the pain.

Tomorrow morning is my pain clinic appointment. I'm going to ask for some med changes. Somethings gotta give. I just pray they will help me. I'm also going to ask for my next appointment to be before I go to the beach because if you don't schedule an appointment, you can not get in any sooner. I want to make sure whatever they do is working.

And Friday I see my new family doctor, just to get regular refills.

So no rest starting tomorrow!

Today B put up the bunk beds in E's room. I'm going to have to convince Ethan to get rid of the Kitchen set and art easel that he never plays with, and also give the toy box a good cleaning. There is just not enough room in there now. Amber, the girl I got it from, said she would sale me two Spiderman bed sets too, but he doesn't really like Spiderman and I think I just want to put colors in there rather then a theme.

They gave out the preschool forms today, such a headache! I gotta get all the documents they require together and get it turned in. She said if I put down where he goes now as my first choice, he would automatically get in, but if I put our local ELM school, he goes back into the waiting pool and might not get in anywhere. Even tho the ELM school is much closer, we are going to leave him where he is. Besides, he is use to the teachers and most of his classmates will move up with him.

Oh! He has his first "girlfriend".  Her name is Iliana. She is cute as a button too, dark black hair and big brown eyes! He says they hold hands lol. Tho the day I volunteered, they didn't even play together! Silly kids.

Ah gosh, I'm so nervous but ready for tomorrow's appointment. It will feel so good to knock my pain level down.
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Friends cut.

I'm doing a small friends cut.

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Also, if you feel like you want to remove me (I hope you don't!) then please feel free to do so.

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