Got yet another hospital bill for my 12 hour useless stay. $233 for talking to a psychiatrist for less then 5 minutes via a web cam.

So now my grand total for that useless stay: $1231.00

When we thought the bank was going to cancel our discover card after they paid it off, (they didn't!), we applied for a Visa that had no interest for 15 months, cash back on every purchase, and a $175 bonus credit if you spent $300 in 3 months.

So we decided that offer was a lot better then the payment plan the hospital offered (10% interest for 3 years!), even if it meant, yes, another credit card to pay off. But in the end, it will save us a lot of money. We are not using it for anything but to pay off this ridiculous hospital crap.

So annoying!
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Damn worms!

So my Hibiscus leaves started to look like this:

They look a lot worse by now. I called my MIL and she suggested maybe a type of beetle was munching. But then I zoomed in on the picture and I could see worms! My good friend google told me it was the larva of a sawfly and can defoliate the plant. When I went outside and looked at the plants, indeed they are covered in the worms. The plants look awful right now but it's not late enough in the season to cut them back.

So I ordered some Neem oil:

Something is also munching on my Morning Glory leaves that is growing on the tee-pee, but they do not have any worms on them, but I have seen some beadles around them. I have my first Morning Glory bloom!

So today I made up the neem oil (it takes very little to make a big bunch up) and sprayed down the Hibiscus plants really, really good and the surrounding plants, and sprayed down the plants on the tee-pee. Then I made some up in the watering container and soaked them all again! I will re do this in a few days.

Sadly now I can't pick the flowers for the crabbies :(. I still have other flowers that they like tho, but I was enjoying being able to give them Hibiscus flowers. I doubt I can even try to harvest the Hibiscus seeds.

On a good note, I have two baby Hibiscus plants on their way to me as replacements of Coneflower plants that didn't make it. The Hibiscus plants grew great! I just didn't realize that a Hibiscus plant can get so big :/. I wanted to put on in my all pink flower bed but I'm not sure the bed is big enough! I will just have to keep it trimmed I guess? I'm going to move a few glads and put the other in my main garden.

I'm getting seeds from my Canna Lilies tho! It's so odd, the pods take forever to turn brown, then one day, the pods open and there sits big black seeds! I got some orange ones from my mom's today! I have my eye on her yellow too.
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But the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap

Firstly, and Forrest, nahele_101, you should be proud of me, I have a doctor appointment in the morning to get my blood pressure checked. I'm also going to ask them to do blood work and check to see if the gout is back.

Another good day marked off, I'm still waiting for this month to be over. I'm really ready for August and really ready for September = cooler temps.

I'm in a Benadryl haze. Earlier, I was feeling bad and my allergies were so bad, I popped two benadryl and was going to take a short nap, because Ethan was up at my moms. As soon as I laid down, Mom calls and says Ethan wants to come home and get in the pool. That actually appealed to me, so I got up and we got in the pool for the second time today. The rain cooled the water way down and also filled it up a lot!

But now I'm feeling quit drugged! So pardon me if this post is all kinds of crazy.

While we were outside we filled up the bird feeder (I'm watching red birds as I type this!) and the humming bird feeder. I had to wash some plants but I'm making a separate post about this.

Then we came in a took a quick shower.

I then harvested some rare tomato seeds that my step dad has grown. I have a lot of seeds fermenting: Ox Heart tomato, German Johnson tomato, Kellogg Breakfast tomato, Chocolate Sprinkles tomato, a Lemon cucumber, a summer Zucchini, and I've got Purple Fingerling egg plant seeds drying!

So I found out today from my mom, that my "sister" that moved out of my moms house (and broke my moms heart) to go live with her real dad / new step mom, has asked my mom to co sign on her student loans. Sister is going to an university OUT of state, for Vet school. She told my mom it would be "roughly" 40 k a year, but I bet it will be more. I told my mom to NOT do it. She moved out because she didn't like my moms rules and her new step mom promised her all these amazing things, so IMO it's her dad and step moms responsibility to do this. Sister ONLY takes to any once of us if she needs something, and I will do whatever I can to not let my mom do this.

I am officially caught up on a Game of Thrones! So fucking good! I'm going to start catching up on Orange is the new Black now.
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Friends cut.

I'm doing a small friends cut.

- If we don't comment or talk, we probably don't have anything in common, nothing personal <3.
- You don't update your LJ, if you start to do so again, please let me know

Also, if you feel like you want to remove me (I hope you don't!) then please feel free to do so.
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it's not a movie, no private screening;
this method acting, well, i call that living.

Friends Only.

Comment to be added and I'll do the same, most likely.

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