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Would you rather?

I just posted this game in my seed group!

Would you rather eat a big gross looking bug with lots of legs (not like the one pictured!) or grab a big BIG hairy looking spider and have to carry it across your yard? 🤢

I don't think I could do either TBH! But if my seed collection was at stake, I'd carry the spider, running very fast and squealing!

2 years gardening and I'm not as scared / grossed out by the bugs as I was when I started!

What about you?

pink flower is pink


B called his mom today as he usually does on the weekend. He brought up us coming there for Christmas and do you what she said? That it all depended on Ethans behavior while they are here. So they have an open door year round invite to come here, and don't ask when is a good time, just tell us when in October they are coming. But they might not want to spend Christmas with us and their only boy and not adult grandchild? Now I probably won't go even if they did say yes! Pretty rude IMO

I spent next months garden allowance on seeds today :o. Not my fault a good website had a sale, 10 seed packs for $10, then other seeds were on sale! I also stacked a 10% off coupon code! There were some good seeds too!
I keep getting hot then cold. I've put on and taken off my warm fuzzy socks all day. Hope I'm not getting sick!

I also got all the appointments copied over into my new journal, all my seed group dates I need to remember, and the birthdays till the end of the year. Now I just have to go though and copy all the Jan - July birthdays. I'm using different color highlighters, unlike all pink like my last planner. Like Pink is for appointments, blue for garden group, orange is for school dates, and yellow is birthday or MISC. I' way to organized :/.
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#shell life

I'm not sure if I wrote about this or not, but the other day when B was going to walmart, I asked him to grab me a small ladder out of the bird section, like the tiny little plastic ones, well, he comes home with a giant wooden one lol. As you can see in the picture, little Kevin is sitting in front of it for size comparison! I don't think even big daddy crabbie could climb it!

Also in the picture you can see TT in the shell he moved into, but has already moved out of and back into his original shell, and little Kevin beside him. TT is the compulsive shell changer!

And finally, you can see what a typical food dish for them looks like, you have: dried worms and krill (the worms finally don't gross me out anymore!), chia and fennel seeds, a nut blend, a grain blend, dried clover and hollyhock blooms, egg shells, and fruit snacks. I will usually toss a slice of veggie in their and let them pick at it.

Also, so I can keep track: (roughly) when the others burrowed:
Hermie: It has been roughly 3 months, so I'm going to say 5/19/17, maybe I can look back and find it.
Crabbie: 8/14/17
Mr. Crabs: 8/16/17
omg so cute.

Cray Cray.

You guys already know I'm crazy, but I went ahead and e-mailed fabfitfun and told them to cancel my box and the add in, I just don't know what will be in the fall box, and it's a lot of money to spend on stuff I might not like :/.

So I decided to use the money to buy a cheap wedding band, until I can get my original resized and dipped. I need to wait to do so until I lose the weight I want to lose though, so I found a really pretty and affordable rose gold band that I really like! I just need to get B to help me figure out my ring size tomorrow!

Isn't it pretty:

I will also order a bottle of some kind of heat protector for my hair or look at the store tomorrow for something.

I'm watching last weeks aGoTs and trying to get sleepy. I also have the leaked one too :D, probably save it for tomorrow!
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Friends cut.

I'm doing a small friends cut.

- If we don't comment or talk, we probably don't have anything in common, nothing personal <3.
- You don't update your LJ, if you start to do so again, please let me know

Also, if you feel like you want to remove me (I hope you don't!) then please feel free to do so.